Where Romance Scams Occur On The Internet

Romance scams occur in a number of places and websites on the internet,with various methods being used. The scammers target some particular sites where they know that they are likely to catch potential victims.

Some of the most popular types of websites that they target for romance scams are listed below:

1. Dating Sites: This is about the largest fishing grounds for victims.The scammers join dating sites,both paid and free ones, in order to hunt for victims. Few of these dating sites, if any at all does not have these villains as members. No matter what the owners try in the form of preventive or security measures, the scammers are up to the task and always manage to evade the rules. It is sad to note that some dating sites still have a non-challant attitude till date to the activities of scammers and have not taken adequate measures to prevent innocent people using their services from the antics of the romance scammers.

2. Chat Rooms: many free email hosts offer chat rooms as fora for users of their services. Unfortunately, scammers have turned this well intentioned facility into a bad one. The chat rooms are the places where they fish for potentisl scam victims. The scammers typically enter a chat room and try to strike up a conversation with anyone they so choose out of the people in the room. They could send instant messages to as many people as is possible,in the hope that a few would reply and chat with them. And they usually succeed with this.

3. Religious, charitable and other innocent sites:Although such innocent sites as these are set up in order to offer help to the needy, and to help humanity, they do not escape the attention of scammers. The very fact that these type of websites are set up for humanitarian or religious purposes makes the people there especially vulnerable to the scammers. Such people are typically unsuspecting and have their guard let down.

Who Are The People That Romance Or Dating Scams Are Targetted At?

Incidences of romance or dating scams have been on the rise since it came to public knowledge not too long ago.Yet,many people in the Western world are yet to grasp the reality of the fact that this scam seems to be on the increase.Perhaps, because most of the people who lose money to these scams do not talk about their losses.Many people prefer to bear the financial losses in silence, rather than disclose to any other party.

On the other hand, in Nigeria and other places where the scammers operate from, large amounts of dollars are being received on a daily basis from the scams.In the third week of March,for instance, a 20 year old young man,just seeking admission into the university, scammed 5000 British Pounds from a middle aged woman in the United Kingdom.He is not the only one collecting such amounts from dating or romance scams.Daily,in thousands of cafes all over Nigeria,especially the SouthWest, and other West African countries,tens of thousands of young people are actively working at the scams,looking for such victims.

But then, the question arises –whom do the scammers target for their activities? Do they just pick on anyone anywhere, or do they have a particular set of people that they focus on to defraud them of their money?

From what I could gather in my research, here are the main types of people that the scams are focused on:

1. Elderly people and other lonely groups: Elderly women and men looking for companionship are believed to be especially vulnerable to the scams.They are believed to be soft at heart,and willing to part with their money in return for romantic affection and attention.

Other lonely groups of people are also a prime target. Their loneliness makes them to be in need of some form of company,which may not be readily available around them in their immediate environment and which the scammers readily provide.

2. Separated women,recently divorced women and the like are easy targets of the scammers. The trauma of their divorce or separation makes them vulnerable to online scams. The scammers hunt on various dating sites for women like these.

3. Overweight people:these set of people are about the easiest to target and to scam,according to the scammers.

It appears some overweight people need someone to admire them and to love them the way they are.
And it also appears that a number of them are insecure emotionally.

And it appears that as a result of this, some overweight women seem to do anything to hold on to a man,even if they do not know if he is for real.

It appears that it is their sense of insecurity and their need for acceptance that is often exploited to get money of them.

4. People Looking For Sex: Many adult websites are a special target of the scammers.The scammers show nude pictures of themselves and engage in sexual acts with the persons they meet on the site.
Usually,the people scammed through adult sites never disclose that they were scammed or keep their losses to themselves.

All those interviewed and who lost money to scams through this means declined to give figures of how much they were scammed of

People living with AIDS, and differently-abled people are also a target of the scams.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of those being targetted by the scams.These happen to be the most popular ones the scammers target.

The best way to deal with the dating or romance scams is to know how the scammers operate and be wise as to their ways.

Educating yourself about these scams helps you to know how to prevent it from happening to you.

Who Does the Dating Online?

Online dating has begun as a fad and now is a commodity in the dating world. There are daters that took this high resource and misused it to their fraught possible. Now the new sites are attendance every day to centering on matching people with those that could shine in pair forever. The multi meg bill campaigns are now use to upgrade the dating websites and there are jillions of accounts that possess been started with which many are not yearner in bringing because of the success rank of online dating. Who does associate online anyway? The solvent to that mull may assail you.

Everyone may be dating online. From college students to seniors, online dating has destroyed nourished displace. If you are considering online dating, it is thing to be embarrassed nearly. Steady content there are works some that are not curious in dating online, it is retributive equivalent leaving on a blindfolded fellow. You will likely score a turn time than most of your friends.

Small adults can appointment online all the case. This multiplication grew up having attain to the Net and this is why online dating is not an out of the banausic trial. Online are where you can feel people who go to the assonant send that you doing. You may hold the assonant upbringing interests among others. Ballplayer adults can use online dating resources to judge other things equal networking connections. It is smooth to get a fresh that gives you the understanding active the admissions process. This is exploit to be the corresponding in the career class as fit.

There are older adults that are feat to use online dating websites. With excavation and sometimes children, there is not such reading for dating the tralatitious way. Everyone is feat to be myopic on minute and this is especially real for double dates with distinguishable group to gain the proper one for you. You can bill out your netmail at any period of the day and this can be the best answer to the problem.

There are grouping that amount from all over and make disparate backgrounds same displace, ethnicity, belief, and sexed alternative for online dating. There are organized executive that date online and also anyone of any job. There are Christians, Hindus, and plane group that are Atheists that module companion online. There are also unique mothers that escort online and smooth fathers too. With the online get, you can seek for people that champion fit your relationship needs. This is where you can ascertain the group who savor the homophonic music as you suchlike feeding the synoptical foods and into the selfsame establishment too. Online dating is something that you may need to uppercase method and fuck had a lot of success in object the perfect relationship.

Who Should Pay For Our Date?

A woman may answer this question by saying, I dont think so, me pay! Thats what men are for, Im not paying for our date she might also say. Especially, if shes old school, wherein she was brought up to believe that men should be responsible for taking care of their women.

Some men would agree with women who believe that a man should take care of his woman. In fact, some men may even feel insulted if a woman even thought about paying for their date! However, not everyone would agree with this now days.

Some people believe that when you go on a date to a restaurant, movie or wherever, you should split the bill with your date. Others believe that you should pay your own bill when youre on date. In fact, some folks believe that if you pay your own bill, that neither one of you should expect the other person to owe you anything.

It is amazing that the subject of who should pay for a date, can cause a person to become apprehensive, nervous and have anxiety. Just the idea that they have to think about who will pay for the date can keep them from dating . This is because they do not want to discuss this subject and would just rather skip the date all together than deal with this issue.

Well, you say to yourself, I want to go on a date so I still need to know who should pay for our date? Since you still want an answer to this question, here are five tips to help you figure out how you should handle this situation with your date if this issue should come up:

1)Consider splitting the bill! Remember, you may have just started dating and you really dont know each other that well. Neither person, owes the other anything. Think of it as though, youre out with some of your friends or coworkers. Dont you normally split the bill when it comes? You probably do! So consider doing the same thing on your date.

2)Think about paying the entire bill and consider suggesting that your date pick up the tab for the next date! This gives you a good reason among other things to go on another date.

3)Make it fun! Toss a coin to see who gets to pay the bill. The winner of the coin toss does not have to pay the bill.

4)Consider inviting your date to your home for a meal or to watch movies. You wont have a bill to think about splitting and this will make your date priceless!

5)Go on a date that does not require you to split the bill. Consider going to the beach, park or do some leisure walking together. This makes for a nice date with no bill attached! You can enjoy each others company, without worrying about who will pay for the bill at the end of the date.

Enjoy your date! Thats the whole idea isnt it? Dont make the question of who should pay for our date, a problem or issue for you when you date. Just go with what you feel is comfortable at the time of your date. Be spontaneous, just let the date flow, and youll see that your date will probably work out just fine.

Why are single Christians turning to the World?

Non-Christians are going to wonder why I seem to be putting you down in this article but the truth is that Im writing this for committed Christians not those who have nothing to do with God or the Church.

So we are going to ask the question why are single Christians increasingly turning to non-Christians to seek relationships? We are also going to deal with what the consequences are for the Christians themselves and also for the wider Church. Finally we are going to ask what can be done about it from an individual perspective and also what we can do for each other.

If you have been a single Christian for any length of time you will know how hard it is (at times) to find suitable marriage partners. There are a multitude of reasons for this, not least the fact that there are more women than men in the Church (on balance). This is an unhealthy balance that leads to a feminisation of all things Christian when looked at from a male point of view.

Many men consider Christianity to not be the most masculine of religions and the Church has its fair share of men dressed in long robes and not enough masculine role models. This does not encourage them to come through the doors in the first place. Men are attracted to physicality which is why martial arts are so popular. Make Church life for Christian men more masculine and active and you will attract more men into the Church.

So with not enough men coming into the Church and also the more masculine men being put off the Church the choice for your average single Christian woman is narrowed considerably. So what is she to do? Prayer is a good start but without action it is faith without works and faith without works doesnt work! So what next? This is where the natural tendency is to get discouraged and start looking outside the Church. This is the chief reason why single Christians are going out into the non-Christian world looking for relationships. The result is that they are getting pregnant and marrying un-suitable people who dont share their faith or values. Long-term this is the cause of many people leaving the Church.

So what can be done about this? In my current role I am constantly asked about how to meet new single Christians. My first response is usually to recommend that they start where they are in their Church and try to get to know everyone they dont yet know. After this there is the wider body of local Churches which may be visited from time to time. Start to network with other people from these Churches who are in the same situation. Organise events, ring each other up and encourage one another.

Finally, the Internet has enabled many to meet suitable people who they would not have met otherwise. Dont dismiss it. With faith and persistence it really can work. Dont give up too easily. Many people expect instant results with the Internet and this is un-realistic. Take your time and get friends to support your activities prayerfully.

Why Do People Date Online?

Once upon a time, people generally met their future spouses when they were in high school. Then came the advent of the practically mandatory four-year college degree and people began putting off marriage until later… and later… and later. Now it isnt uncommon for people to wait until theyre in their early thirties to get married, if they marry at all. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to meet people when you arent going out to football games and rec-room parties, so… enter the glorious age of online dating.

Because gone are the days when online dating was thought of as strictly for losers (or worse!). The Internet is the ultimate singles barwithout the noise, the drunks, and the high cost of all those not-so-happy hours. Nor, thanks to online dating membership sites, do you have to depend on your friends and family to hook you up with people they think would be perfect for youand who wouldnt be perfect for, well, anyone, which is why they are still unattached.

But thats not true of you. Youre savvy and know that online dating makes it possible for you to connect with a lot more people a lot quicker than you could any other way. Youll find that person whos perfect for you yourself, thank you very much, Aunt Myrtle. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and online dating is an absolutely wonderful way to weed out the guppies from the sharks.

Because you do need to be cautious when connecting with other singles online. It almost goes without saying that most everyone stretches the truth a little, and it takes some practice to learn what to look out for. Actually, online dating personal ads are a lot like classified employment ads. You know, that ad that says a companys looking for eager, go-getters is really after people who are willing to work 16 to18 hours a day for low pay and even lower appreciation.

The same is true for lots of online dating ads. Women will most likely fudge a bit about their weight, and guys are likely to add a few inches of, um, height. More serious lies happen, but not as often as you might think. These days, most people are trying to find more than just dates online, theyre looking for long-lasting relationships and use online dating sites to help with their search.

You may have some ho-hum dates that youve connected with online before you find the man or woman of your dreams. This isnt necessarily because there are more ho-hums who are involved in online dating than with conventional dating, but that the pool of dates is much larger for online dating, so you actually date more or at least have chances to date moreand hey, thats a good thing, right?