The Pros Of Online Dating

Dating, these days, is far different from how it was back then. People usually met at a party or were hooked up by friends then in time, the couple would realize whether the friendship could go on to the next level or it was never meant to be.

Meeting people online is similar to having friends doing all the work looking for that special someone. Recently, more people have had higher success rates in getting a date online than the conventional method.

To know more, here are some benefits which are interesting to know about online dating;

1. Safety

By personally signing up on an online dating service, the person can meet many people without the risk of revealing ones personal information. The only time that such details can be revealed will be done voluntarily by the searcher to the potential partner when a level of trust has been established.

2. Security

Dating online is supposed to help people who have difficulty meeting that special someone. Some people take advantage of that and pry on innocent people so most dating sites have made a system that allows one to report a user and have that person blocked for malicious conduct and prevent this from happening to other people.

3. Affordable

Dating people is costly especially since one goes out on more than one date. By getting to know many people online, one will be able to save a lot of money since the same information that one gathers online can be done just like going out on an actual date.

4. No more rejection and unwanted people

For men, dating online avoids the embarrassing experience of going up to meet a girl and getting rejected. By signing up on an online service and just chatting online, one can easily forget about this person and meet someone new.

For women, dating online helps avoid meeting the wrong person. It saves the person the time and effort of giving love to someone more deserving like that potential partner.

5. Openness

Most people find it difficult being honest talking to a stranger for the first time because there is the fear that the other person will not appreciate what is shown.

Since dating online provides a buffer by talking to someone via the computer and not face to face, another benefit is that one can be as open as one wants to be without fear of showing any sign of emotional attachment.

Online dating can be fun. Be it just to meet new friends or meet that potential partner. A person will never know unless one tries.

The Quick and Easy Formula for Starting a Conversation with any Woman

When it comes to dating, every man wants to know how to start a decent conversation with a woman, well, heres how to do it

1. First of all, its crucial you establish good eye-contact. Eyes are the windows of your soul, and having a visual connection with a women shows tells if shes also interested.

To establish good eye-contact, look her in the eye, and keep looking just a bit longer than you normally would. If you catch her looking at you a couple of times, thats all good. You want to get her attention, so stay connected with her.

But be careful not to stare, you dont want to look like a complete idiot, especially if shes with her friends.

2. Secondly, take a look around. Whats going on around you? At this point, the key is to find a topic, from which you can start a decent and light conversation.

Is there something special youve noticed, and that most people probably havent?

3. After a couple of minutes, ask her name, and from that point on, you can start to relax because youve done a great part, which is initiating contact with someone you didnt know.

As a general rule, stay away delicate topics, such as politics, religion, ex-girlfriends and sports (unless youre in a gym or you know she likes sports).

Try not to talk about negative things, stay as positive as possible. Remember, keep it light and cool.

4. So now she knows you exist, and that youve had a light conversation, you dont want to be talking too long, at least not the first time. Picture Will Smith in the Hitch movie, when hes at a bar.

He takes a seat, and has a light chat with Eva Mendes. They talk for a couple of minutes, and just at the peak of the conversation, Will Smith gets up and leaves.

And just after he leaves, you can see Eva getting up and looking in the direction he left. This is a great technique that successful daters use: let the woman have a peak and shut the door. The goal is to make her wanting more.

A lot of guys get good things going by having a good conversation, but after a while their conversation becomes lame and by the time they ask her number, shes already gone, maybe not physically, but mentally.

I know this may seem crazy, but its a must. So politely thank her for the conversation, and tell her you have to get back to your friends/ family/ home, whatever.

Knowing how to start a good conversation with a woman is vital to more success in your dating life. Plus, displaying the right attitude by not showing her that youre desperate will automatically get you more dates than you could have dreamed of.

The Rebound: An Emotional Hazard

A relationship is one of lifes greatest gifts and pleasures. The break up of a relationship is one of lifes greatest disappointments and heartaches. Getting over that break up is definitely a lot easier said than done. Many people fall into the trap of trying to get over an ex by starting to date someone new. This is what is called in the dating world a rebound. For several reasons a rebound is not a good idea, as a general rule. The first reason is that usually when people date someone on the rebound, they are trying to replace their ex. The next reason is that if you realize you are not over your ex, you can end up hurting the person you just started dating. Another reason is that moving on with a new person right away doesnt allow you to truly heal.

The first reason that dating on the rebound is not usually a good idea is that when you find someone new, you have a tendency to try to replace your ex right away, rather than just find someone to spend time with. You could unwittingly be mistaking residual feelings about your ex for feelings toward a new person. Many times, a rebound relationship will go too far too quickly. You might find yourself in a serious relationship before you realize what is going on. A quick and immediate serious relationship right after the demise of a serious relationship is definitely not a good thing.

Another reason rebound relationships are an emotional hazard is because if you realize that you are not over your ex and want to end your new relationship, it can wreak havoc with the feelings of the new person you are dating. You have thus proceeded to, whether intentionally or not, break the heart of your new companion. Leading someone on when you are still hooked on or hurt from another relationship is definitely not a nice thing to do.

One more reason to take your time getting back into the dating scene is that most people need time to heal after a long term relationship ends. Moving on immediately can be emotionally unhealthy. It is always a good idea to immerse yourself in spending time with friends and family that care about you, but moving on to a different dating partner may not be the best thing. Besides spending time around people who care about you, get to know yourself as a single person. You may have been part of a couple for a long time. Get to know who you are as an individual again.

For these reasons, it is clear that dating on the rebound is not a bright idea. There are many things that can go wrong when you jump straight from one relationship immediately into another. Instead of rebounding into a relationship that may not be healthy, stop, take a deep breath, and spend some quality time with yourself. Think about when you think you will feel comfortable in a new relationship. Think about whether you even want another serious relationship in the near future or whether you want to spend time with many different people for awhile. Think about the kind of person you would want to be in a relationship with. Just take time out for you instead of getting trapped into the emotion hazard of rebounding.

The Risks Of Online Dating

There is no question that the popularity of online dating has revolutionized the way potential couples meet each other. These days, it is not uncommon for the average single person to participate in an online dating service. In fact, this trend is fast becoming the norm. In 2004, it was estimated that residents in the U.S. spent more than $460 million on online dating services.

It goes without saying that online dating is big business in America. There are many reasons why people find this method of meeting new people so appealing. For one thing, everyone is doing it! The number of online dating services on the internet is so abundant, many of which offer services, absolutely for free.

The combination of curiosity and the desire to meet new, exciting people is what usually lure individuals to be a part of an online dating service community. But this new activity doesn’t come without a price.

Sure it doesn’t happen all the time, but just every now and then horror stories about online dating services would arise. Some of them are scary enough to send casual observers away from these online dating services for good.

One of the problems facing the industry of online dating service is that its participants often misrepresent themselves in the profiles that they create. Not everyone tells the truth. People have been known to lie about everything, including their marital status. Some married individuals try to pass themselves off as single; while others lie about their physical appearance, age, economic status, and even gender.

For an inexperienced online dater, the danger lurks at every corner. But there are some safety measures prospective participants can take to help guide them through a safe online dating experience.

Rule of the thumb: most online dating services the offer subscription are relatively safer than those individuals that can be accessed for free. Those sites that require membership offer a set of requirements, and guidelines that aspiring members would have to meet before they become subscribers.

There are even some sites that are so exclusive, that anyone who wants to join has to undergo an intensive screening process first. Background checks are done on aspiring members to make sure that the information they have given checks out.

Some more safety tips when it comes to online dating:

1. Participants should pay attention to the consistency of the information given to them by the persons they are corresponding with. This way, they’d be able to detect if they’re lying.

2. Online daters should protect their identity. One of the greatest things about online dating is that it offers participants anonymity. Personal information like: address, last name, phone number, is not revealed until the participant decides to do so. Participants should be extremely careful about divulging personal information that will make it possible for the people they are communicating with to directly locate them.

3. Participants should abruptly cease communication with people who are obsessed with acquiring personal information about them.

4. Participants should always keep a look out for warning signs when they are talking to people, such as: the use of foul language, signs of anger for no apparent reason, elusiveness in answering direct questions, makes disrespectful remarks, etc. These are some of the symptoms that spell something could terribly go wrong. The person that is exhibiting these types of behavior may not be trustworthy, and may lead others to danger.

5. Once an online dater has decided to meet his or her date, they should agree to have a meeting place. Individuals should never allow their dates to meet them at home.

Online dating is similar to real life dating in the sense that individuals should always practice common sense and caution, whenever they meet someone new. Even though, the interaction takes place online, once people have revealed personal information about them to others, they won’t be able to take them back.

It is best to always use one’s instincts and logic when it comes to dealing with other people, even when it comes to online dating. This is where some people fall prey to cheaters, deceivers, and even sexual offenders. They go against their better judgment. If something feels amiss, like there is something not quite right, then this is probably a sign that something can go terribly wrong.

It is best to get out of this situation whenever this occurs. As the saying goes: “Better be safe than be sorry”. A saying that online dating service participant should always remember.

The Role Of Secrecy In Romance Scams

The menace of romance scams again re-echoed recently at the media hyped trial of the wife of a clergyman who allegedly murdered her husband.

She apparently had cashed some fraudulent checks sent to her by a fraud syndicate working from Nigeria and Canada.

She seemed to have sent some money to the fraudsters, and was said to have tried to cover up the fraud with the bank officials.

It was during an argument with her husband, a minister in the Methodist church, over this expense that she allegedly shot him.

This story should tell anyone who cares to listen one home truth-that romance scams and other related crimes are very real, and they are affecting the lives of many more people than was previously thought, both in the United States and elsewhere.

While very few of such cases will ever hit the National limelight and be as sensational as the one described above, the reality is that many people are being harmed by romance scams than was previously thought.

One of the major factors that make people to succumb to these scams so easily is secrecy.

The tendency among those who are involved in online dating is to keep details about their dates a secret to themselves.

From all I have seen, heard and read, many people who have fallen for the scams kept the knowledge of the relationship away from anyone, including those who should know about it.

And when a close person to them either got to know somehow, or got a hint as to what was going on, they literally got mad with them.

Some scam victims keep on dating the guy or girl for months, keeping everything about him or her secret.

The scammers seem to encourage this sort of thing too.

With time, when the scammers have worked hard to gain the trust and confidence of their potential target, then the fraudulent checks, money orders, credit cards and other fraudulent items involved in the scam begin to arrive.

The warning signals are always there quite alright, but by this time, the victim is far too much in love with the scammer to ever believe that they could be wrong.

The next thing that happens is the scam proper, in which the victim loses hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you are involved with dating online, then it could be very helpful to let one or two close people into your life, and let them know what is going on.

That way, if things go wrong or they appear to be, you know you have one or two people who can help put you on the right track.

Many victims I talked with in the course of my research expressed their regrets that they did not have anyone to watch out for them when they were being scammed.

They pointed out that if they had been more open, and confided in someone they trusted, they would have been spared the much pain and agony that followed the romance scams.

The Romantic Man

Being a man and being labeled a romantic is not always desirable. Or is it? Just because you like pampering your lady doesn’t mean that you are any less a man than any other man. You can spend your day finishing your basement, working on your car, just getting your hands dirty so to speak but at the end of that day there’s nothing quite like the look of love and care on your significant others face when you cook an impromptu dinner for her. And the benefits of what happens after dinner, or even before you get dinner done, far outweigh any negative connotations being labeled a romantic have.

Being a romantic man is not that hard. In most cases it’s the little things that women notice. A glance, a quick touch or brush across her back. Sure, flowers are nice, but haven’t they almost become a clich. That’s not to say women don’t like flowers because they do, but if that’s all you’ve got then it will only go so far. You have to mix it up, change your style and use your imagination to create romantic moments for the woman you love.

And here’s the most important thing to remember. If you truly know her and what her likes and dislikes are then it’s easy. Think of something built around something she likes to do. Does she like shopping (not something men even like to think about much less do), fine dining, walks on a beach, watching movies and the list goes on. It’s all about doing something she likes with her. And the fringe benefits of doing this are the only reward you will need.

Now here’s a little hint. While it seems like you may be doing something you don’t necessarily like to do that’s not really true. Let’s look at the shopping example. And when I say take her shopping it means shopping for her. Don’t go to the local home remodeling center, you might find yourself sleeping in the dog house for a few nights. Remember, this is romance.

You take a day to go clothes shopping for her. This is about her, but it is also for you because the idea is to go to the more upscale type of shops. Why? Because you are looking for clothes that she looks good in, that she will ask your opinion on as she models it for you. Not only does she feel sexy but you can see that in how she moves and carries herself. And if by some chance you can guide her into a lingerie shop, well you just might be surprised when she lets you pick out something and she wears it that night at home, or if your really on your stuff, back at the hotel room (now there’s an idea: a night away from home).

A romantic man is in a win-win situation. And the best thing is it can be allot of fun for both the man and the woman.

And women, if your reading this. We men like to be romanced to, but then you already knew that!