What Not to Say in a Dating Email Ever!

When it comes to sending emails to your online crush, it may be tempting to tell everything about yourself that enyone has ever told you was interestingand then some. However, when it comes to sending emails, at least in the beginning of your online relationship, the name of the game is restraint. It is important that you do not overwhelm your potential suitor with confessions or long-winded rants. Instead, until you build a solid foundation of trust and comfort, keep your emails short and purposeful.

Still even if those emails are very short and purposeful, there are certain things that you simply will not want to say. Here is a short overview of some of those basic no-nos.

1. Do not send threats. If you sent a threat through email, it is a federal offense. Because most emails traverse through federally guarded and maintained airways, they are considered to be public property. Therefore, just like in a phone call, you are prohibited from saying anything threatening or offensive on email. Also, why would you want to threaten someone if you want to actually date them? The days of playing hard to get are over, as far as threats are concerned.

2. Be deliberate about the details of your life. While it may be tempting to write a tell-all novel for that person that youre so interested in dating, be deliberate about the information that you share. Every piece of information will help your crush to learn more about you. Therefore, say positive, meaningful things in the beginning (or always.) Help the person get a better idea of just who you are at the core. Share thoughts, jokes and your opinion on certain matters. But make sure that each of these communications if purposeful.

3. Be positive. One of the most telling signs that a relationship may not end on a happy long-term note is if your partner is overtly negative. Negative emails will not only be downers for the day, but they will also not represent a somewhat catastrophic side of your mates personality. After all, even if the emailer is funny and realistic, too much negative energy will drain the living daylights out of your creativity and vibrancy.

4. Talk about yourself. While in general communications, it is considered polite to avoid talking too much about yourself, when youre getting to know a potential mate it is important to be as open and honest as possible. In fact, it is considered polite to go out of your way to talk about yourself it talking about yourself is not something that you ordinarily do. One way to let your potential mate know that youre interested in a long-term relationship (or just a deep sense of understanding) is to talk about how you feel so that he or she can determine whether the two of you truly are intellectually, emotionally and spiritually compatible. Therefore, try not to avoid talking about yourself.

There are certain common considerations that come in all relationships when a pair is getting to know one another on a new level. If you are embarking on a relationship with someone via the Internet, it is vital that you observe the basic rules of email. While there is no written policy on email communications, it is generally considered polite to share information in a positive, optimistic and interested manner. Of course, always be sure to ask plenty of questions about your partner as well so that you also can determine whether or not the relationship will be compatible in the long-tern. Happy typing!

What Questions Should You Be Sure To Ask Your Online Dating E-friend?

Online dating can be very entertaining and gratifying.

Since its inception, online dating had continuously brought two people together in spite of the fact that they are worlds apart, with lands and waters separating them. Online dating made bridges to connect people together, enjoy each other, and build dreams together.

However, there are instances wherein people do not just connect to an online dating site and instantly find somebody whom they can share the rest of their lives with.

Online dating is a continuous, systematic process. It entails careful selection of words, pictures, and representations of the person involved in order to get the best results. Moreover, from the time they get to find somebody they think they are compatible with, the process continues as they get to know each other through a series of messages, chats, and other forms of communication.

Along with this comes the careful selection of words used and messages conveyed in order to establish natural, free-flowing, yet enlightening conversations. These are not just mere exchange of words and phrases but more on the verge of getting to know each other.

Hence, it is extremely important to know which questions to ask so that the person can get a better sense of who the other person is on the other side of the virtual screen.

Here are some of the questions that one should ask to his or her online dating e-friend in order to assess the personality and the attitude of the other person. These questions are specifically inclined to provide the necessary information regarding an individuals personal conviction on certain matters and his or her own preferences on things.

Those who are involved in online dating just have to keep in mind that when asking these questions, they should make it appear very natural so that they will not sound like they are being confrontational.

In addition, those who will ask these questions should be sure that they are also prepared to answer the same.

1. What is the major error that people make when online dating for the first time?

This question will illustrate some idea about how the other person views the opposite sex. In this way, one could get an insight on the attitude of the other person and his or her personal beliefs on some important matters like dating and relationships.

2. What are you looking for in a guy/girl?

With this question, an individual can get hold of the qualities that the other person is looking for in a companion.

However, one should take note of how the other person tries to answer the question. If in the event that he or she replies with the usual sense of humor, chances are, the other person has not yet thought about the answer.

3. What is a really successful relationship?

One could get a good view on how the other person values relationship. It would be better to hear the other person provide an answer regarding how the two persons who are involved in the relationship should work together as they grow and have a better sense of personality.

4. What is your view on online dating services?

Through this question, a person will be able to know if the other person had some serious negative experience concerning online dating or the other way around. In addition, through the answers of the other person, one could guess if he or she is still willing to consider online dating or not.

5. Did you fail on your last relationship?

Most people would certainly blame the other person in the relationship. Others blame their selves too much. It would be better to hear some answers like they (the couple) equally share the blame and that it is just time to part ways.

The point in asking these questions is to establish a solid foundation on the kind of personality and attitude the other person has. It is when keeping the communication line open that matters most.

The problem with a lot of people involved in online dating is that most of them do not have any idea how to carry the conversation and how to keep the lines burning. They do not know what questions to ask and how to assess the answers that they get.

Boiled down, asking some reliable questions will give the person an edge over a lot of things. Hence, he or she will be able to assert that when the time comes that they have to meet personally, the concerned person will be ready to face his or her online date.

What Should I Not Tell My Date About Myself?

Yes, some things you shouldnt tell the person youre dating because its really not important! Some things are best left unsaid. You wouldnt want to turn off the person youre dating to the point they determine theyre really not interested in you after all! So, here are some tips that may assist you in not discussing certain topics with your date that you dont need to:

1) Never discuss with your date your past boyfriend, girlfriend or former spouse! This is a definite no, no. Noone wants to hear about how great or bad your past girlfriend, boyfriend, or former spouse was! Dont dwell on the past. Your new date might think youre trying to make them like your past date or spouse, and this may be a turn off for them!

2) Dont talk about how much money you have or lack of it. This may come across to your date as your way of telling them that money is the most important thing to you in a relationship. This could be a relationship ender for you.

3) Gossip about your past dates, friends, family or whomever is not a good idea. Its really not important for you to discuss this with your date. Some people see others that gossip as busy bodies who have to be involved in everyone elses business but their own! This may be a turnoff for your date who could be a person that values their privacy and is a non gossiper.

4) Dont discuss your past intimate relationships! This is a definite no for discussion. This may make your date very uncomfortable and put them in an awkward position as to what you may or may not expect from them. So dont discuss your past intimacies! Steer far away from this topic. Dont even talk about it! This would be your best bet in your new relationship if you dont want to create waves.

5) If you cheated on your previous date, dont even think about talking about this in your new relationship! Noone wants to hear about you cheating in a past relationship. If you decide to talk about this subject, be prepared for your date to possibly tell you to take a hike! They may decide that they dont want to risk the chance of you cheating on them, since you have a history of doing this! You do have a preexisting history of cheating, remember you told them so. Get the picture, dont talk about it!

6) Anything else that you believe would not be something important that youd want to tell your date about you. Dont tell it, if its not important!

Well, youve probably got a good idea on what you should not tell your date. After all, do you want to keep dating the person youre with, or do you want to keep looking for someone new? Youre possibly saying to yourself, I really would like to continue dating the person Im with. Then, if this is the case, dont scare them away from you! Remember, some things are best left unsaid if the information is not important to the relationship.

What To Do If Your Dating Partner Becomes Cold?

Have you ever had this experience? You have dated some body few times. Both of you had great time together. You are making plans for the future. Everything seems to go smoothly. And suddenly your dating partner goes cold. The phones are not answered. The mails are not responded. No meetings are discussed, as if past never existed. Why this happened?

This happens with many of us. Out of two partners, one takes a unilateral decision to break away and does not inform the other. There may be many reasons for going cold, including finding some body else. But is it worthwhile chasing the cold date any more?
No. But most of the break away partners dont say so clearly and the change in relationship is not spelled out. That causes problem for a certain time. This is surely unethical. One should never behave like this. But you can do nothing about it.

You have no option but to wait for some time and then ask straight question. Are we separate now? Are you no longer interested in meeting me? After getting a clear yes, begin again. Dont ponder and worry over why the earlier person behaved so strangely. Some people are like that. Imagine, if you had got married to somebody so unethical and unreliable?

This kind of behavior certainly shocks. But there is no use. Try to recover as soon as you can. This time, be more careful selecting your new dating partner and hope for the best. Despite many failures, success always comes. That is your right. Please claim it.

What To Look For In A Guy: Three Requirements Of A Healthy Relationship

Dear Daughter,

What do you look for in a guy? How will you recognize a good relationship? What can you do to help a good relationship develop and grow? Let me give you three things that are necessary for healthy relationships of any kind. These three things are respect, empathy, and genuineness.

I believe that you know what is meant by respect. When people have respect for each other they value each other. They want to know each others needs, thoughts sand opinions. There may be disagreements, but the opposing opinion is respected and even valued, if only because the opinion is important to the other person. This can be hard to do at times. It is related to maturity. As we mature we are better able to hold respect for others.

Think about respect as you date different people. Show respect for your date. Does he show respect for you? Is he interested in your opinions? Does he ask what you would like to do or where you would like to go? These are signs of respect.

Empathy is a wonderful trait to develop. Empathy is the ability to put oneself in the other persons shoes and to understand their view and perception of a situation. This ability may not come natural. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be developed. Just start practicing by imagining that you are the other person in a conversation. Try to see their point of view. Try to think like they are thinking to better understand them. You can even practice this while watching television. Try to put yourself in the various characters shoes. Try to see each persons viewpoint and why they are different.

Does your date seem to show empathy? Does he seem to listen to what you say? Is he able to verbalize your ideas and see your point of view? These things indicate empathy. If two people are able to provide empathy for each other, conflicts are more easily resolved. Add respect to the relationship and things are even better. The end result is a relationship that will uplift and compliment both persons.

Genuineness relates to both respect and empathy. You have to be yourself in the relationship. Dont try to put up a front and pretend to be someone else. Just be you, with plenty of empathy and respect. In fact, if you are not genuine it will eventually show and it is a turn-off for most people. When you show respect, it must be genuine. When you show empathy, it must be real.

Genuineness may be a little shaky early on in the relationship because you will both be on your best behavior. With time the faade will drop, and hopefully, you can both just be yourselves.

Respect, empathy, and genuineness, move toward making them a part of your relationships. Even better, make them a way of life.

What will it be? A Russian, Filipina or a Romanian Bride?

For people who truly want to meet someone for a special relationship, sometimes a careful examination of traditions and expectations of each possible partner is necessary to give the relationship a chance, to bring trust in the relationship and avoid being disappointed.

What about a Russian Bride? Russian women are much more traditional minded, caring, loving, and loyal in their views of love and marriage. They stand proudly in times of hardship, and will devote their love and trust to you for a lifetime.

Another truth about Russian girls is that are more “dressed up” when you see them on the street anywhere in Russia. “Will they continue the custom once they are settled in their new country?” The answer is frequently YES.
A Russian girl would most likely marry a man with whom she felt a high level of trust, honesty, love AND some financial security as well. Please keep in mind that financial security might be defined by many of these Russian girls as the man’s ability to pay monthly expenses and have some money left over for discretional spending.
Filipina girls have been brought up in a culture where stability in a marriage is most important, that’s why so many of these girls marry older foreign men. There’s not a lot of jobs for Phillippine men so naturally the girls are receptive to older stable foreigners.

To the Filipina girls the ideal relationship is a series of stages over a long period of time. Engagements more often last for several years. When courting the Filipina you are not courting just her, you are courting the entire family. She will also expect this from you. They have a very high regard for marriage and view being married as a life long commitment.

I am sure that you have heard about Romanian woman that she is a wonderful mom, is proud but not squeamish. She take good care of how she looks without spending $2,000 per month just for clothes and hair styling. When her husband is coming back home late, she is waiting for him with love and patience and she knows to appreciate him and his work.

Imagine that you are going home, after a long day of work and stress, and a gorgeous women is embracing and kissing you, happy to see the master of her heart and her life. The dinner is prepared and it smell so good while she is all over you in order to make you feel good and forget all about stress, work or problems.

Another interesting thing about Romanian women is that they are used to go to work and don’t like to be only a housekeeper. That’s because most of them have spent a lot of time in schools trying to become someone able to make good money. In Romania life is difficult and without a College degree it’s hard to obtain a good job.

But don’t even bother to find and contact a Romanian women if you have drink problems or if you don’t know how to respect and appreciate a woman.

Good luck to you and… FOLLOW your Heart!