Tips To Secure Your Online Dating Safety

Online personals and dating can be a very fun venue towards meeting that special someone. However, one’s safety should still be the top priority. Did you know that most online dating services do not pre-screen their users? This means that they cannot ensure that the people you meet through their sites are safe enough to be dealt with. So, this makes you call the shots when it comes to screening them.

Here are a few tips to make online dating less risky and more fun:

1. Anonymity Breeds Safety, For Awhile

Giving your real email address, personal web site URL, last name, phone number, place of work, home address, or any other information that identifies you in your profile or first few emails that you exchange with other members makes you an easy victim. Turn off your signature file, or make sure that it does not have any identifying information, when sending emails to a member through your own email.

2. Photo Perfect Request

To give an idea of the person’s look, thus make you a tad safer, request for a picture. A scanned photo won’t cost so much, so not much alibi can be given for not doing it.

3. Lean on Common Sense

Trusting your online acquaintances easily can make you easy bait. If your gut feel tells you that someone is lying, there’s a big chance that he or she is actually lying. Then, don’t go justifying his or her acts. Look for someone that deserves your trust. Online intimacy is very dangerous. Don’t indulge yourself on such endeavor at the click of a mouse. Logical thinking will save you a lot of trouble.

4. Call First, Don’t Drool Just Yet

A person’s skills when it comes to communicating can be easily gauged through a phone call. Though it might cost you some moolah, it still is worth it than risking yourself to falling for an anti-social. However, to make things a lot safer, use a cell phone or a pay phone instead of using your land line. Unless you are absolutely comfortable with the person you are calling, don’t give your home phone number at once.

5. Delay the Meeting

It is advisable to take your time and get to know the person as much as possible first before saying yes to a face to face meeting. If he seems to be only spouting or keying saccharine words that you want to hear, the person on the other end might have a questionable honesty. Don’t feel like you are obligated to meet anyone, you still have the last say on whether you are ready to meet the person or not. You are free to change your mind if anything feels not right.

6. Psychoanalyze or End up with a Psycho

You should pay attention to any signs of intense frustration, anger or any displays of aggressive behavior. If the person is trying to control or pressure you, stop the communication. Here are the other alarming manifestations of bad behavior that when spotted, should make you stop from communicating with your online friend:

– giving dubious info about appearance, age, interests, profession, marital status, etc.
– refusal to converse with you over the phone when you have already established online intimacy
– consistently not giving any direct answers to direct questions, etc.
– overly agreeing to your every statement
– asking you to provide travel arrangements

7. Offline Meeting

Before meeting your online friend, tell someone reliable where you will go and when you will return. Leaving your date’s name and phone number is a good idea. Bring your mobile phone. Don’t make your date pick you up at home. Have your own transportation and meet somewhere public. During the date, don’t leave your drink unattended. After the date, leave on your own too.

To make online dating work, it is imperative that you exercise caution. Have ample time to get to know the other person, don’t rush yourself or allow anyone to rush you into doing anything. It’s better to be safe and dateless for a while than sorry.

“Tools” For Picking-Up Girls

We all know that approaching woman isn’t easy. It can be embarrassing and downright difficult. But, if you know what you are doing and have faith in your own forces you can get the one you like.

Impressing a woman is not an easy task, especially if you dont have a lot of experience with females. There are many components that go into impressing a woman.

If you want to learn how to impress a girl, then you should do your best to be positive. Keep in mind that smiles and jokes are great bonding mechanisms that you can use to impress a girl.

There is a charm and seductive attraction that some guys have, so they have all the girls they want. This magnet is called charisma, and it is very important if you want to attract the woman of your life. But, if this is a problem for you, you must try some tricks to pick-up the woman you want.

For example, use your dog to pick-up girls. You have a dog? Now its your chance. Take a walk with your dog on the place where you know your special one passes by every day. Any girl likes dogs. Small ones are very cute and the big ones make you look hot.

So, if you are with your dog out and suddenly your girl pass over. Make sure that she sees you. If it happens that your dog had a bad behavior and starts barking at her you might apologize and tell her to not take it personally. So, you can discus with her. Show her that your dog know some tricks and while your dog is sitting and rolling over you’ re getting to know the girl.

Babies. Every woman love babies. Your friend is married and has a baby? Join your friend when he goes out with the baby and show interest by playing with the kid when she passes by you. Next day you can offer to watch out the baby for your friend and take him to a walk to show her you like kids. But make sure she has saw you in the day before with your friend to not think that the baby is yours. If the baby is crying when she passes by you, you might be lucky and she might offer her help to make the baby stop crying. So, you get to talk with her and may ask her for a date.

Use some magic tricks to attract her. You are seeing her every day and you don’t have the courage to talk to her. First of all, relax. One of the biggest turnoffs for women is a guy whos uptight. Just relax and youll be fine. After you start talking with her use some magic tricks to impress her and attract her. You may say that you are good at magick and you are offering to guess her future by reading her hand. She’ll definitely laugh but if she’s ok with this you may tell her that she will have a glorious future.

Don’t forget to make her laugh. Laughter is all you need to attract women easily and quickly. If you are able to make her laugh any time and any places it will be easier to you to get the woman you are looking after for some long time.

Top 5 Questions To Ask An Online Date

Online dating services are on the rise, especially special feature websites, like teen online dating, gay online dating, and senior online dating.

The drawback to online dating, certainly for these special interest groups, is the validity of the person on the other end of cyber space. Cyber stalking is up 55% in the last two years, and meeting someone on the outside after meeting them online in a chat room or through an online dating service can be risky business.

Here are the top five questions and online dating tips. The questions are designed so that you may be able to get a better sense of who the person is outside the monitor.

But just to be safe, be sure to meet your date in a public area and stay in a public space for the first date. Do not let them know where you live and be aware of giving leading information out while in a chat room.

What is the biggest mistake people make when first dating? (This will give you an idea as to how the other person really feels about the opposite sex.)

What do you look for in a guy/girl? (Be aware of canned banter. If they come off with the usual “sense of humor, nice personality,” they probably haven’t thought much about a real answer.)

Define a truly successful relationship. (This one is my favorite, listen for blaming of others. Hint: A truly successful relationship is where both get a better sense of self, whether they stay together or not.)

What happened with your last relationship? (Again, listen for blaming. Do they take responsibility for the breakup? If they’re willing to share equally, great, if they take all of the blame they probably have low self esteem and are needy. If they won’t take any of the blame they are control freaks and probably cruel.)

What do you really think about online dating services? (Will let you know if they are desperate, open, or controlling.)

Top 10 Flirting Tips

You don’t have to look like Mel Gibson or Pamela Anderson to get members of the opposite sex to go weak at the knees. All you need is great smile and follow the few simple tips we have put together for you below and they will be attracted to you like paparazzi to a movie star.

Create eye contact with the person you want to flirt with for around 5 seconds. Just smile a little and look away slowly. Try this at least 3 times in the first 15 – 20 mins. Your target needs to know your interested and eye contact is the universal signal for openness. Be carefull not to stare so hard that you will burn a whole right through them, just keep it casual. And remember they are just as nervous as you.

Smiling is definitely your greatest flirting weapon. Experts agree smiling is the easiest and most effective way of making yourself look more attractive and approachable. Nothing to over the top just keep it realistic. If you have been successful in locking eyes and you have been receiving smiles. Its time to take the plunge, he/she is very interested in getting to know you better so what are you waiting for?

Women if you have been eyeing someone off at a party, or anywhere really, but you have not been noticed yet try the second glance technique. It’s so simple and I guarantee if they are even slightly interested you will very soon have their entire concentration focused on you. Its simple, it works the same, as eye contact but has to be done from a much closer distance. I usually do a walk by making sure i am about to walk into her line of sight. And when I force her to fall into my line of site I look away and then turn back to look again very subtle, in a way that nobody would have even seen except her and instantly drop the smile and eye contact.

Watch your targets body language when he/she is looking at you are they beautifying themselves? Its a subconscious thing we tend to groom ourselves a lot more frequently when we are attracted to someone. If your target is not showing these signs there is no reason why you cant do them.

Another great subconscious trick is to lick your lips. No not like a porn star the best way to describe it is like you do when you have chaffed lips but a lil slower. Licking your lips is the minds way of recognizing that you are preparing for a kiss.

Women cross your legs. Its another sure fire flirting technique and sends guys crazy and wanting to see more.

Guys, stand tall and straight don’t slouch remember you’re trying to be the most prominent man in the room so feel like it and she will start to see it. Be calm and pull your shoulders back show that you are confident.

Body language experts state that women should stand with their feet no more then 6 inches apart and with toes pointing inwards. While men should position their feet 6 – 10 inches apart with their toes pointing outwards to promote the sign of dominance.

The highest form of any type of flattery has always been to imitate someone. Try not to go to overboard and make a fool of yourself. Just pick up on the way your target talks holds themselves slight similarities will make your target feel more comfortable.

Focus on what your target is saying, Rarely can you find someone more attractive then someone that finds you genuinely interesting, SO BE THAT PERSON. The one that finds them really interesting. Keep things simple and light listen to what they are saying and through in a few jokes here and there just to keep the smiles working. Don’t be afraid to touch them in a non-sexual manner. Often it can be received as very soothing especially coming from a man. As a man you should never underestimate the power of our hands when used in a sensual and caring manner.

Follow the signals above and keep them in mind throughout your first contact. Avoid the typical stereotype advances of trying to show off. Its as see through as glass and will only make you look like your really not genuine about getting to know them at all.

Top 10 Online Dating Tips

Online dating allows individuals, couples and groups to meet online to develop a social, romantic or sexual relationship. Internet dating services provide unmoderated match making through the use of the Internet and personal computers.

Here are 10 tips to help in your quest for love online:

1. Create an introduction of yourself designed to attract the opposite sex. Dont overdo it, put just the necessary information about yourself, and keep from revealing too much personal information. This is for your protection.

2. Avoid using too many adjectives in your profile. Keep descriptions basic and simple. Remember you are as much a stranger to others as they are to you.

3. List your interests and include specific details. If you write about a hobby, hiking for example, list specific places where youve hiked, or the hiking clubs youve joined.

4. Create a unique identity on the web. The online dating system is full of profiles that say almost the exact same thing. If you imitate this, youll be lost in the crowd. Always maintain your individuality to create an effective online dating presence.

5. Leave the clichs to everyone else. Be creative enough so that you get attention and are able to experience what online dating is all about. But try to be as original, and sincere as you can.

6. Try not to brag, or brag too much. You wont impress anyone with a rude attitude. Self-confidence is fine, but excessive bragging is definitely a TURN-OFF. If youre good looking that will show in your photo, you have no need to use these words in your profile. If you claim intelligence, then be sure that your grammar is impeccable and your diction flawless.

7. Nobody responds to negativity. Its not a good idea for depressed, lonely, frustrated or those just out of an unhappy relationship to plunge right into dating online since the negative emotions are likely to surface. People will shy away from reading your melodramatic profile. Online dating is supposed to be fun, not depressing.

8. Keep from defining yourself by people you DONT want to meet. It is enough that your profile says you dont want to meet somebody who is a liar, who is overweight or who is chronically unemployed. It is not necessary to over emphasize the matter by using this to introduce yourself to others.

9. Never forget to spell-check. You can do this by writing your profile in a word document, spell-checking it, then cutting and pasting the text into the profile area of the dating website.

10. Tell the truth as much as possible. However, reveal only information that wont harm you in any way. Tell people about who you really are, the type of work you do, your family background, etc. But, for your safety avoid mentioning information regarding how much money you make, or how many businesses you own, as well as any information of this nature that could be used to harm or defraud you.

Top 10 Reasons for Dating a Filipina Girl

Many Western men choose to build a relationship with a Filipina girl. Some even choose to marry a Filipina. But what makes Filipino women so wanted?

1. Filipina girls are renowned for their beauty.
They surely stand out among Asian women in terms of charm and femininity. If you think other way you probably have never seen Angela Perez Baraquio the first Asian American and Filipino American who was crowned Miss America 2001 and Miss Hawaii.

2. Filipino girls are a delight to be around because of their disposition and personality.
Since birth Filipinas are raised in a special sense of honor called Delikadesa (or Delicadeza). Delicadeza is a Spanish term which when translated in English means daintiness. It is defined as a sense of propriety, an act of being refined or delicate in tastes and manners.
It is Delikadesa what gives Filipino women such admirable qualities and distinguish them from Western ladies. You will never find a proper Filipina bring shame onto herself and her family by lying, cheating, stealing, running around with different men or flunking out of school. It is one of the meanings of Delikadesa pride in doing the right thing.

3. Filipinas are understanding, patient and composed.
Most Filipina girls would never engage in a quarrel or a loud argument simply because this wouldnt suit a real Lady. They are taught to speak politely, with a gentle tone of voice. Arguing is just not acceptable, along with public criticism. This soft spoken, quiet and understanding nature of the Filipina Ladies is the desired trait that Filipinas strive towards.

4. Filipina girls are generous and naturally caring and supportive.
The common spirit of survival has united the Filipinos for centuries making generosity and loyalty towards family a time-honored tradition. The caring and supportive nature of the Filipinas is apparent in the fact that there are no booming businesses for retirement homes or orphanages in the Philippines they would never abandon a child or a member of the family in need.

5. Filipina girls believe in a one-man one-woman relationship.
Since there is no “absolute divorce” in the Philippines, Filipinas are raised in a high regard for the sanctity of marriage and consider it a life long commitment. Some, in fact many who marry these Filipina beauties, swear they make the best wives in the world loyal, loving and faithful past death.

6. Filipina women put family first before money.
Faithfulness to the family is a tradition that is characteristic of the Filipino society. To the Filipina, family will always remain a great priority. Filipino women, whom many would consider as coming from a relatively poor country, view the close loving bonds of their family as their wealth. They are more willing to sacrifice career than a family.

7. Filipinas are excellent home keepers.
Filipino ladies equate domestic responsibility with being a good wife their home is a great source of pride for them and they do their best to create a warm and loving environment for their family. For the Filipina even yelling at home would mean de-facing her home so you will probably never find a Filipina woman screaming or breaking dishes.

8. Filipinas are well educated.
The Philippine culture attaches great importance to college education. Pride in accomplishment at school is instilled in Filipinas since their childhood and female college enrollment even exceeds that of the male. This affects the social positions too. Unlike other Asian countries where women tend to be in more subservient positions, the Philippines businesses are more accepting of women performing business. This is apparent with the current Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the second Philippine woman to hold this esteemed position.

9. Filipino girls are religious.
The Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic (the only Christian nation in the Far East) and it is common amongst Philippine families to raise their children in the church. So dont be surprised if your Filipina girl is more devoted to her religion than you are to yours.

10. Filipina-American marriages are more successful than American-American marriages.
An interesting fact is that according to the statistics Filipina-American marriages arranged through dating services have a lower divorce rate (about 20%) than the standard American- American marriage (about 40%). Still, the statistics may vary according to which source you use.

Of course I have made some generalizations here but basically this should have answered your question why so many men prefer a Filipina girl for dating. If you too decide to give it a try and date a Filipina, I wish you luck who knows, you might find the girl youve been looking for.