What If Youre Disappointed When You Meet In-Person?

Online dating can really be amusing. A lot of people even find it workable and gratifying. In fact, there are more benefits other people do not realize unless they try online dating themselves.

However, not all online dating escapades produce positive results in the end. There are instances wherein the expectations sometimes go out of hand when executed in reality.

Take for example the case of a person who was lucky enough to find somebody he thinks is the right girl for him. He replied on her profile and when he received an answer from the girl, they started to communicate frequently.

What happens on their online dating is a series of continuous communication, exchanging messages, chatting continuously, and spending hours over the phone.

Because of the instant chemistry that evolved each time they talk to each other, the guy had emotionally built up the possibility of having a true, and not virtual, relationship with the girl. That is why he decided to set up their first real date.

As they day came when they agreed to meet for lunch, everything seem to have crumbled into pieces. The girl appeared to be somewhat different what the guy had expected or recalled. What made the meeting even worse is that what used to be a cheerful, lively conversation they usually had whenever they talk on the phone or chat in the Internet suddenly becomes so stiff and strained.

And as the date comes to an end, the girl said that she had a nice time and enjoyed the day. The problem suddenly draws in. The guy does not know what to say or do.

This kind of situation is not uncommon in the world of online dating. There are many cases wherein two people just dont click when they start to meet each other in person.

A lot of people who are involved in online dating usually ask why such things happen. They find it hard to believe that the person they have learned to like (and love) online is entirely different when in person.

Hence, they try to assess themselves what went wrong. Is it their point of view that has changed? Were they deceived by the other person? Or was it just wrong from the very start?

The problem with most people who indulge into online dating is that they fail to keep in mind that when they communicate to their dates online, they are communicating, not with a person but with a series of texts, with no person involved. This is because any answers can always be fabricated or the other person can always deceive his or her date.

So, when this happens, personal meetings would really end up like the one mentioned above. This is because reality is entirely different from what the computer screen illustrates.

Nevertheless, the problem is still there. One should know how to gradually exit from the situation without having to hurt the other persons feelings.

So, for people who wish to know how to do this, heres a list of some useful tips that you can use and make rejections a little easier to bear.

1. It would be better not to delve on the issue about not having the right chemistry in the first place, or pointing out the reason why an individual cannot pursue the dating any longer.

In order to break things easily, it would be better for a person not to mention anything that will focus on the issue of not getting the expectations one had started to build before they even meet in person.
It is wrong to emphasize on the physical qualities of the person that is why the other person does not want to communicate with him or her anymore.

2. It is best for the concerned person to try to explain to the other person the importance of finding each others right mate in order to build a happy relationship.

An individual should at least try to make an extra effort on explaining how chemistry works with two people and that lack of such value could be detrimental in ones relationship.

3. Excuses will only make the matter worst.

Rejections should be instigated in such a way that the other person will not be hurt. However, this does not mean that the person will have all the right to make such lousy excuses.

There are instances wherein the other person can sense the effort in making lame defenses and would only be hurt more.

4. People should be more consistent on their decisions.

There are instances wherein people start to tell the other person that their relationship will not work, but in the long run, comes back rushing into the other persons life because of the realization that he or she is wrong about his or her decisions after all.
This will only make the matter worst and will only generate negative feelings.

5. its best for the concerned individual to let the other person express his or her sentiments and ask questions. Then, the concerned person should try to exert a little effort in answering the questions as honestly as possible.

The bottom line here is that when a person gets disappointed after meeting his or her online date in person, it would be better to set things straight at once and put an end on the situation before it gets heated up.

Moreover, the other person should learn how to empathize with the other person so as to understand what they would feel if they were on their shoes.

It is all a matter of being sensitive at the same time being honest on what the other person would feel.

What Is Love

What is love? This looks a very simple question. Is it that simple? We all talk so much about love, read so much about love and use the word love so carelessly. What is love? Think for a minute? What is love? Is it a relationship? Is it an emotion? What is it?

Let us explore. Let us first examine what it means to fall in love, or what happens to a lover who falls in love. Then we can carry on from there. A look at the face, and you can detect if someone is in love? The eyes look dreamy, the smile comes on many times, sometimes you will hear a giggle, all while the lover is alone. It may be some recollection of days gone by. Or you will observe the excitement of meeting the beloved. The work is finished fast, or postponed, eyes shine bright and look excited thinking of the time ahead, the pulse visibly goes up, and the walk is very fast, in a hurry to meet the beloved. To meet, share and walk hand in hand. Why? Love. But what is love?

Ask someone to explain, and you will get an answer such as he/she is dearest to my heart. I feel heavenly. He/she is absolutely great. We cannot think of life without each other. If anything happens to my beloved, I will die. Oh, I feel so good when I am with my partner, I cannot describe. You will hear all these and many more such rambling answers. But nothing specific about what precisely is love. Is this making sense?

Let me try answering this query. Love is an emotion that binds one person to another in a relationship that cannot be described. Lovers are worried only about making their beloved happy. Those in deep love cannot stay away even for a small time. They are ready to forget and sacrifice most of their other relationships for the sake of their love. They are ready to die for each other, and history tells us that sometimes it really happens. Love is an emotional relationship that can never be described, but can only be experienced. Try explaining the taste of sugar, to someone who has never tasted anything sweet. You will never be able to do it. For that the other person has to eat sugar. Similarly, love can never be explained. One has to fall in love to know of its bliss. Please do so at the earliest opportunity.

What is Speed Dating?

Dating has been the oldest form of meeting singles. However, the ways did change with passage of time. In the beginning era of newspapers and magazines, people used to search other singles or they some time publish their own ads, showing willingness to meet someone. Once the telephone became popular as great mode of communication, phone dating took place.

Invention of Internet is, perhaps one of the greatest one in late twentieth century. Internet has connected people of any part of the world together. Now, online dating has over-taken all previous means of dating. Needless to say, you can find thousands, even millions of singles of same age, location, language who are equally eager to find mates.

Speed dating is nothing but the fastest way of meeting many available singles in person quickly in one time. In Speed Date event, singles get together at the reserved place such as restaurant, bar, hall and spend fixed time to spend for speed dating with someone before moving to meet the next.

Speed dating is getting very popular among singles for many reasons. The great advantage of Speed Dating is it is fast, it is fun. By spending few minutes with someone you can know if you can get along with whom you are chatting. Speed dating provides lots of opportunity to meet various singles at one time, hence choice is tremendous. You can sit and chat with the person you like and find out if your chemistry matches or not. Meeting someone face to face makes lots of difference in your dating life. Speed dating reduces the chances of trials as all singles who come to attend Speed Date even have already decided to meet you.

Speed dating, in fact, is a great fun for daters. This is also useful for people having less or no time to meet singles otherwise. There is nothing better opportunity of meeting singles than attending such speed dating events. Even one meeting could bring the love in your life you are looking for so many years. Many online dating services occasionally arrange Speed Dating events for their members. It is a great opportunity for singles to become members and reap the benefit of attending Speed Dating, whenever it occurs.

What Is the Appeal of Dating Blogs?

What is the appeal of dating blogs? Like many ‘ordinary’ blogs, dating blogs offer their authors a space to write about anything they have on their minds. For dating blogs, the topic of interest is more often than not, dating, love, romance, and any trials and tribulations faced out there in the dating world. Though the topics range as broadly as the authors do, the most interesting point of comparison are dating blogs from authors that do or do not participate in online dating. Some online dating services offer their members a space for their own dating blog. Naturally, these authors address issues related specifically to dating online and may touch on issues related to their experiences on that site. This may cause some concern, however, since some of the people they address may be members of the same service. Nonetheless, dating blogs are an effective way for members to share more about themselves than can be contained by the quick and basic information revealed in the profile.

Other dating blogs could be completely unrelated to the online dating industry. Rather, they act as a public online journal for singles, to keep friends and readers up to date on their dating adventures. Like most other blogs, these blogs often touch on other issues, and can evolve into a source of entertainment than information. Humorous dating blogs are quite popular in this sense.

Other blogs deal with issues of love and romance, and encourage responses from readers. These blogs don’t only act as a window into the dating lives of the author, but also encourage discussion about common dating issues. In this sense dating blogs are a first step in starting a dialogue between readers and authors to swap dating stories and address issues of concern.

What Is The Best Online Dating Service?

Welcome to the club. Online dating services are the best way nowadays to meeting new people for any purpose, but you have probably noticed that there are so many of them. Honestly, most of the people are so confused that they give it up, and return to desperately trying to meet people the old ways. Well, we are here to help you find the best online dating service.

In order to find it you will have to answer two major questions:

1. What are you looking for? There are many niche online dating services which are much better than the big ones. You must define your partner:

Religion: Are you looking for a Christian singles dating web site, Jewish single one or maybe a Muslim one?

Nationality: Are you looking for a US dating service, Canadian personals or for an online UK dating service?

Other special preferences: Are you looking gay personals or gay dating services, are you looking for senior dating services?

2. How much money are you ready to invest on finding a partner? Are you looking for 100% free dating sites (free dating services) or are you willing to spend up to hundred dollars to find your lifetime partner.

Thats all. You have finished the ugly part. Now all you have got to do is finding the best online dating service according to your answers. You have two options.

The first one is typing your requested dating site preferences in one of the search engines like Google or Yahoo. Then you will have to go through about a dozen dating sites, until you will find the best one.

The second and better option will be using others people researches and recommendations. There are several online services which compare the online dating services and rank them relatively. Have a good luck in finding your perfect partner.

What is the right way to approach a Woman

Many men feel that the act of approaching a woman especially in case she is very beautiful stranger a difficult and embarrassing one. Not only that, they usually choose the wrong attitude of being too nice and over openhanded with flowers, invitations for dinners and expressing their lack of confidence and low self esteem.

The women on their part are not fascinated to insecure, hypocrite, wussy men. They will either decline him on the spot or possibly more shocking take advantage of the situation by exploiting him to furnish her meal after meal, gift after gift and normally go out with additional man for real love, romance and sex. In this situation the woman has two men a provider and a lover.

The good boy, fawning, wussy approach may be seen Whenever a man is inviting a woman to dance or offer to pay for her drinks a drink without first to develop the attraction or chemistry.

Is Cocky rather then Wussy is the answer?

The sweet boy attitude isn’t the best way as we explained before and acting really mean and rude will not succeed as well, the best way which has proven 90% of the times to work magically with women is the confident, bold, cocky and funny attitude.

In this tactic you build the relationships on a give and take, a compliment and a bust (with a smile), you indicate the woman you’r confident enough to criticize her, you express yourself naturally around women, you are not scared of her, you are not concerned if she cares about you or not, you’r honest and express your opinions openly, you are playing the self assured hard to get funny guy. Now you bring her self confidence to the test, you challenge her, you intrigue her, you build the attraction. Let her chase you! You ought to be her prize, a reward for her hard earned efforts for playing her cards right with you.

For instance you start and Say something like: I like your jacket it’s really nice (a compliment), then comment: but it doesn’t fit so well with your shoos does it ? (a bust), you do it on purpose, you should practice on it.

You must manipulate her like hand it to her and then take it away in the last minute, be spontaneous, unexpected, a teaser and fascinating.

How would you know if she is interested in you?

Its simpler than you believe and it goes like that: You engage with her: What a beautiful pair of boots you’r wearing , I really like them, She is looking who is it and then say: Thank you. You: arent you melting in them at such a hot weather? (smiling) or are you trying to hide your feet from me? She: (smiling) hell, no, I love them thats all, Ill bet my feet are nicer compared to yours, Mr. long nose. (she responded therefore she is engaged too *-). You: wow, I understand you own a very good opinion about yourself pretty lady, why wont we arrange a feet contest…

The crucial thing is to keep it going with light humoristic and fun attitude. Without ever even realizing it you are both engaged in developing a relationship and building your mutual attraction.

When you start dating with a woman take into account you are not on a job interview, don’t cause it feel like questions and answers, don’t make it boring, don’t try to show off, talk with her about general stuff she understands and sympathize with, such as popular Television shows and such, it can look to you at the begining somewhat superficial but this is the way to take. Try to keep away from, at least at first, to talk about your problems at work, your relations with your parents etc’.