The Quick and Easy Formula for Starting a Conversation with any Woman

When it comes to dating, every man wants to know how to start a decent conversation with a woman, well, heres how to do it

1. First of all, its crucial you establish good eye-contact. Eyes are the windows of your soul, and having a visual connection with a women shows tells if shes also interested.

To establish good eye-contact, look her in the eye, and keep looking just a bit longer than you normally would. If you catch her looking at you a couple of times, thats all good. You want to get her attention, so stay connected with her.

But be careful not to stare, you dont want to look like a complete idiot, especially if shes with her friends.

2. Secondly, take a look around. Whats going on around you? At this point, the key is to find a topic, from which you can start a decent and light conversation.

Is there something special youve noticed, and that most people probably havent?

3. After a couple of minutes, ask her name, and from that point on, you can start to relax because youve done a great part, which is initiating contact with someone you didnt know.

As a general rule, stay away delicate topics, such as politics, religion, ex-girlfriends and sports (unless youre in a gym or you know she likes sports).

Try not to talk about negative things, stay as positive as possible. Remember, keep it light and cool.

4. So now she knows you exist, and that youve had a light conversation, you dont want to be talking too long, at least not the first time. Picture Will Smith in the Hitch movie, when hes at a bar.

He takes a seat, and has a light chat with Eva Mendes. They talk for a couple of minutes, and just at the peak of the conversation, Will Smith gets up and leaves.

And just after he leaves, you can see Eva getting up and looking in the direction he left. This is a great technique that successful daters use: let the woman have a peak and shut the door. The goal is to make her wanting more.

A lot of guys get good things going by having a good conversation, but after a while their conversation becomes lame and by the time they ask her number, shes already gone, maybe not physically, but mentally.

I know this may seem crazy, but its a must. So politely thank her for the conversation, and tell her you have to get back to your friends/ family/ home, whatever.

Knowing how to start a good conversation with a woman is vital to more success in your dating life. Plus, displaying the right attitude by not showing her that youre desperate will automatically get you more dates than you could have dreamed of.

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