When Should I Not Date Someone?

Very good question! There are actually times when you should consider not dating anyone! Why, you may be wondering cant I date someone whenever I want to? Well, there are various times in a persons life that involving someone in your own personal issues or problems is not a good idea. In fact, this may create problems for the person you are trying to date. You may be wondering what instances would you not want to consider dating someone, these tips will assist you in deciding whether or not you should:

1) Youre married! Absolutely out of the question for you to decide that you want to date. Married means youre committed to someone else and you should be off limits to freely date. Remember youre not single anymore! So, dont even think about dating. This would be totally unfair to the person you may consider dating.

2) Just recently divorced. You may want to consider holding off on dating until you get readjusted to single life and your new status of now being unmarried and on your own. Once you give yourself enough time to readjust, preferably at least one year, then go for it! Start dating if you want to.

3) Lost your job and place to live because of your reduced or no income. There are a lot of people that are living together because they dont have a home or job. So, the person theyre dating may decide to let the other person live with them. This is not a good idea and is not a good reason to date someone! Big mistake and most couples regret this later. In most of these situations, the person that supports the person not working and without a home, begins to have resentment. They feel taken advantaged of and used because they are now the primary bread winner for the person they are dating who is no longer working. Often in these situations, the couple really doesnt know each other, and actually started living together after only a few dates. Consider giving the person youre dating another alternative of having some where else to stay instead of with you!

4) Youre already dating someone youve been with for a long time. Dont date someone else if youre not willing to break off your relationship with your present girlfriend or boyfriend. You can play the field, but, let the person youve been dating know that you want to branch out and they can too. If youre not ready to do this, then dont start trying to date someone else!

5) Youve just lost a loved one. Its difficult when youve lost someone you loved. So, you may want to consider waiting awhile before you start dating someone else. It takes time for your heart to start healing. Youll need time to yourself for awhile before you bring someone else into your life to date. This would not only be fair to you, but to the person you plan on dating in the future.

There are other instances that Im sure you can think of when knowing whether or not you should start dating. Only you will know this. Dating for most people is considered an important element of their lives. When choosing to date, just remember the responsibility you have to yourself and others to ensure that youre doing the right thing, at the right time, and what will ultimately make you happy and feel good without creating problems for yourself and others along the way!

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